WG4 – Research integration, showcases, benchmarks and evaluations


This WG aims to integrate the activities of the other WGs with the goal of creating a “vademecum” for developing a search engine for structured data sources. The idea is to develop a set of scenarios and, for each scenario, when available, a  list of the functionalities required, solutions proposed in the literature, prototypes and software libraries, datasets and query sets.

Besides this task, the Working Group will study benchmarks and criteria for evaluating prototypes. Moreover, data coming from real scenarios (e.g. telecom, cloud, e-learning) will be used for testing the prototypes.The datasets will be provided as triplestores and/or relational models. In the case of triplestores, services will be serialized as RDF graphs-based representing Linked USDL. Other serialization formats can be sought of in case of needs.


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