WG1 – Representation of structured data sources


While there exists an increasing amount of data on the Web, for instance, Linked Data, take-up and reuse is still limited, often focused on well-known reference datasets. The lack of reliable information about the nature of distributed third party datasets, for instance with respect to its quality, dynamics, temporal coverage or the addressed domains, constitutes a major obstacle for data consumers when trying to identify suitable datasets for a specific purpose. The main goal of this WG is to raise awareness of innovative methods and techniques which help to analyze, index and discover structured Web data sources, specifically Linked Data. Moreover, innovative ideas and methodologies for constructing, integrating and updating such indexes while monitoring the Web of Data over time are within the scope of this WG.

Basic concepts

Nowadays there exist an increasing amount of information stored in structured data sources that any user should be able to explore and exploit easily, similarly users do with unstructured documents by means of web search engines such as Google or Bing. The first step to achieve such goal is to discover efficient methodologies and structures to facilitate the indexation and retrieval of such sources.
Recently, approaches for publishing structured data and linking different data sources on the Web have appeared. However, strategies and efficient mechanism for creating reliable structured information about individual datasets and their evolution over time are missing. Moreover, efforts for standardizing the publication of structured data related to different topics would facilitate the search and retrieval of information.

Expected Outcomes

Critical reviews of the approaches purposed in this area, standards for the description of data in different areas such as the Social Web, methodologies and techniques for the publication of Linked Open Data, and proposals for indexing structured data sources on the Web (how to represent the different data sources and how to update the different indexes)


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