Working Groups

The Action will review, design, develop, implement and evaluate techniques in all the phases of keyword-based search: a) user keyword input; b) result computation; and c) result output. These aspects will be addressed in the Action within three vertical thematic Working Groups (WG1 to WG3) and a horizontal Working Group (WG4):

  • WG1: Representation of structured data sources
    How to extract a set of metadata describing data sources and to index them for their retrieval
  • WG2: Keyword search
    How to select the relevant sources for a query and match keywords with the data structures
  • WG3: User interaction and keyword query interpretation
    How to express constraints, to disambiguate the meaning of the  query to exploit feedback
  • WG4: Research integration, showcases, benchmarks, and evaluations
    How to integrate the constituent functionalities into a search engine and how to evaluate it

Four tasks addressed by all the WGs

  1. Critical review of the existing emerging techniques
  2. Definition of open/closed issues in the field and definition of a roadmap for achieving the KEYSTONE outcomes
  3. Coordination of research activities
  4. Dissemination of the outcomes