STSM – call 2015

Call 2015

A total budget of €20,400 has been allocated for KEYSTONE STSM in 2015. We plan to fund
approximately 10 – 15 STSMs over this period, with an average funding/STSM of
approximately €1500, with a maximum €2500 in total (or €3500 for the case of extended ESR
STMSs – see Criteria for Funding below) can be afforded to the grantee.
Please note that the financial support available via this scheme is a contribution towards the
travel and subsistence cost of a STSM and may not necessarily cover all the costs. Applicants
are encouraged to submit proposals with a high benefit/cost ratio.

Criteria for Funding

  1. The Applicant should be engaged in a research programme as a post-grad student, postdoctoral fellow or be employed in an institution in a KEYSTONE member country;
  2. Applicants are responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution BEFORE the submission of their application;
  3. The research subject of the STSM must be relevant for KEYSTONE;
  4. The Applicant and its host must be from two different KEYSTONE member countries;
  5. STSM funding is a contribution towards travel and subsistence costs, and cannot be used as a salary;
  6. Duration of a standard STSM: a minimum of 5 working days and a maximum of 90 days. Priorities in the first call will be given to longer STSM;
  7. ESR (Early Stage Researchers, i.e. researchers with PhDs + up to 8 years of research experience) may extend the duration of the STSM beyond the 90 days; in this case, ESR STSM must take place according to the following rules: a) Be a minimum duration of 91 days; b) Be a maximum duration of 180 days;
  8. All STSMs need to be carried out within their entirety within a single grant period and within the Action’s lifetime;
  9. Geographical and gender balance issues will be taken into consideration;
  10. Applications from ESR will be privileged.

Application Procedure

The procedure concerning STSM is governed by the COST Vademecum, in particular, Chapter 6. The on-line registration tool will issue a formal STSM application which has to be downloaded and sent by the Applicant electronically (via e-mail as an attachment) together with any necessary document which the Applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application during the evaluation process (such as CV, full workplan, list of publications, motivation letter, statement of how proposed STSM contribute to the aims of the KEYSTONE Action, letter of support from the home institute, etc.) to the contact person of the STSM Host institution and to the STSM coordinator, Dr. Hussain Mahdi ( with the subject “KEYSTONE IC1302 – STSM Application – <applicant’s name>”.

Application Deadline

There will be two calls for STSM in the 1st year of the KEYSTONE Action:

Call Applications
Notification BY
1st 30th Jan 2015 8th February 2015
2nd 15st March 2015 30st March 2015
3rd 30st April 2015 15th May 2015


Detailed call here.


Avoiding Italian Tax deduction (not valid for Italian People)

According to the Italian rules for payments not supported by receipts, the Grant Holder will be forced to apply a taxation (ritenuta d’acconto) to the STSM grant.

To avoid this, the applicant has to send a declaration released by the tax office stating that the applicant is a fiscal resident in the country, taking advantage of a treaty between Italy and the country itself to avoid double taxation, if such treaty exists ( Moreover, the form here ( requiring the application of the agreement has to be filled in. The tax office declaration and the form should be provided in original at the mailing address indicated below (preferably before to start the STSM):

Francesco Guerra
c/o DIEF- Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
via Vivarelli 10
41125 Modena

Contact for all the details you need to know.





Dr Hussain Mahdi – STSM coordinator
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland
Tel: +353-61-213492, Fax: +353-61-339176
Dr Francesco Guerra – IC1302 Action Chair
DIEF – Dipartimento di Ingegneria “Enzo Ferrari”, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Tel: +39-059-2056264, Fax: +39-059-2056129


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