How to submit a travel reimbursement request

Travel Reimbursement Form

  • first time: on-line registration for personal info and bank details:
  • Complete online all expenses and download the individual travel claim after the meeting (claim available through the link in the invitation e-mail)
  • [Procedure changed in July 2016] Signed original claim submitted to the grant holder (deadline 30 days after the meeting):
    Francesco Guerra
    c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria “Enzo Ferrari”
    via Vivarelli 10
    41125 Modena
  • Deadline for form submission = 30 days from end date of meeting – after 30 days, you cannot download your TRR



Please, note that together with the form you have to upload in the ecost system:

  • copies of your plane tickets, boarding passes and of train / long distance tickets (eligible expenses are detailed in COST Vademecum)
  • copies of the receipts of the local transports
  • pdf file of the Google-map of the car travel


Travel Reimbursement: Eligibility criteria

  • 120 €/night for accommodation incl. breakfast (meeting days +1 night before) – same flat rate for all participants
  •  20 €/meal (lunch/dinner, not offered by other party)
  • Travel expenses (most economical):
    • Air travel: economy fare, max.1200 €
    • Train and bus: 1st class allowed; seat reservations/sleepers eligible expense
    • Car: 0,20 €/km, attach Google map – max. 2000 km
    • Local transport < 25 no receipts, >25 with receipts [Italian regulations require that all receipts for local transports have to be uploaded in the ecost]
    • Taxi: Only if no public transport is available OR between 22:00-07:00. Justification & ticket always required – max. 80€ for the entire trip


No need to send to the grant holder the receipts for hotel and meals (it is responsibility of the attendants to keep them until 30 May 2019).Tickets, boarding passes, receipts for local transports have to be uploaded in the eCost system through the link provided with the invitation letter. Details about how to do it are available here.

According to COST rules all other expenses (such as hotels – 120 per night – and meals – 20 euro per meal, 2 meals per days) must be reimbursed based on a flat rate (with a few exceptions).

NOTE that concerning the meeting in GDANSK POLAND (11-12 September 2017) the MC decided to reduce the reimbursement  for accommodation to 100 euro.