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How does a COST Action work?

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COST Actions are set up to achieve specific objectives within their four-year duration. These objectives define the collective creation, diffusion and application of knowledge in the frame of the COST Action, and form the basis of the Actions’ Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).

COST Actions are managed by a Management Committee (MC) which is composed of up to two representatives of each COST Country having accepted the MoU of the Action. MC Members are nominated by the COST National Coordinators (CNC) of the COST Countries they represent. The Action MC decides upon all budget-related questions, devises the general Action strategy and manages the organisation of the Action’s scientific and technological activities.

They are open throughout their lifetime to new members and are adaptable in terms of internal organisation and strategy. Thus, COST Actions are especially well suited to pursue new ideas through collaborative efforts and to build communities around science and technology topics that have previously failed to gather the necessary critical mass.

More details are available in the COST website.


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