Action Structure

The management and the organizational strategy of KEYSTONE are defined by the following frameworks:

  • Management Committee (MC).  The MC is in charge of supervising and coordinating the Action and is composed of two representatives of each participating Country. The list of KEYSTONE MC members is published here.
  • Executive Scientific Board (ESB).  The ESB has the responsibility for planning, managing and executing the activities. It is composed of the following positions:
    Chair: Francesco Guerra (IT)
    Vice-Chair: Jorge Cardoso (PT)
    Scientific Coordinator: Yannis Velegrakis (IT)
    Dissemination Coordinator: John Breslin (IE) (supported by Catarina Ferreira (FR) and Maciej Dabrowski (IE))
    WG1 Co-Leaders: Raquel Trillo (ES), Stefan Dietze (DE)
    WG2 Co-Leaders: Elena Demidova (DE), Julian Szimanski (PL)
    WG3 Co-Leaders: Omar Boucelma (FR),  Bodgan Cautis (FR)
    WG4 Co-Leaders: Paulo Rupino (PT), Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (PL)
    Training Coordinator: Charlie Abela (MT)
    STSM Coordinator: Abdulhussain Mahdi (IE)
    COST Officer: Giuseppe Lugano
  • Editorial Board. It is composed of a sub-set of the MC members and is in charge of planning the publication strategy, reviewing the Action publications and deliverables, and defining the website contents.
  •  Enterprise Advisory Board (EAB).  The EAB  has the responsibility for planning action oriented to the enterprise involvement. It is composed of the following members:

    Francesco Guerra (IT), Innar Liiv (EE), Henrik Strindberg (SE)

  • Action Fact Sheet. See the COST website here.