The main objective of the Action is to launch and establish a cooperative network of researchers, practitioners, and application domain specialists working in fields related to semantic data management, the Semantic Web, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, that coordinates collaboration among them to enable research activity and technology transfer in the area of keyword-based search over structured data sources. The coordination effort will promote the development of a new revolutionary paradigm that provides users with keyword-based search capabilities for structured data sources as they currently do with documents. Furthermore, it will exploit the structured nature of data sources in defining complex query execution plans by combining partial contributions from different sources.

The main objective of the Action is complemented by the following secondary objectives:

  1. Promote the development of novel techniques for keyword-based search over structured data sources.
  2. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to the scientific community, practitioners and the enterprises.
  3. Build a critical mass of research activities and outcomes that achieve the sustainability of the research themes beyond the Action