Austria is now in KEYSTONE!

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I’m happy to announce that AUSTRIA joined KEYSTONE: there are now 28 countries participating in the Action!
Austria is represented by Mihai Lupu (MC Member) and Ralf Bierig (MC Substitute)

Approved the Work and Budget Plan 2015

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The Work and Budget plan for the second grant period (1/12/2014-31/12/2015) has been recently approved by the Management Committee of the Action and the COST Office. All the activities (i.e., the research topics explored during the meetings, the other networking and coordination tools promoted by the Action and the research activities jointly addressed by the WG members) will be built around 4 main “specifications” of the general theme related to “keyword search in large amounts of data”:

Development of techniques and tools for search and analytics;
Study of scalable techniques;
Application of semantics;
Use of open data.

The work in this field will allow KEYSTONE to continue the research activities started in 2014 by elaborating on topics related to keyword search in big data.
There are three main events scheduled in the next year:

 WG Meeting in Kosice (SK) in April / May 2015;
 Training School in Malta in June/July 2015;
 Open Conference in Coimbra (PT).

The collaboration of the WG members is helpful (and needed!) for the realization of fruitful events! For this reason in the next days some “call for organization / call for volunteers” will be issued.

Event on Open Data

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RAW Open Data, an event aimed at raising awareness of open data, will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, on October 16th and 17th.

On the first day a series of talks will be delivered by international experts from the Open Knowledge Foundation, W3C, Creative Commons, Junta de Andalucia, Agency for the Modernisation of Administrative bodies, Scop la Péniche, IPN, and Politecnico di Milano. Country-wise, the diversity encompasses UK, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and Portugal.

On the second day there will be a hackathon, where programmers will create apps that take advantage of open data sources.

All information can be found at

Attendance is free, but registration using the above link is required due to the limited number of seats.

Autumn MC and WG Meeting: call for participation

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The next WG meeting is scheduled in Riva del Garda (IT) on 17-18 October.
The meeting is about “Querying the Semantic Web” and through the meeting we would like to achieve two main goals: 1. Definition of open challenges in keyword search over structured databases, with particular reference to the querying process in the Semantic Web (by means of keynote talks and round table discussions); 2. Identification of research topics studied by research groups involved in KEYSTONE.
Even if the participation to the meeting is open and free, as usual, only a limited number of WG members can be supported in their expenses for travel and accommodation. The details about the meeting, eligible expenses, and the venue are available in the KEYSTONE website
If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please send to a brief application containing the following information:
1. Your name and contact details
2. Short abstract of your current research related to the KEYSTONE Action (1 paragraph)
3. WGs you participate in. If you are joining for the first time, please make sure you officially joined KEYSTONE COST Action at:
4. Status of your research career (number of years since the completion of PhD / or PhD student)
5. Previous WG meetings you already participated in (e.g. in Leiden, Crete, …)
6. Country of residence
7. Gender (the COST rules require gender balance)
8. Estimated travelling costs (travel + number of days)
Early stage researchers are welcome.
The deadline for the application is 8.09.2014.
You will get a notification shortly after this deadline: the applications will be ranked by the ESB following the criteria established in the 2nd MC meeting (
Feel free to contact for any questions.
The Executive Scientific Board