KEYSTONE Extended: new meeting in Galway (IE) with enterprises

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The end date of the KEYSTONE COST Action has been extended! You have the opportunity to meet companies in the Galway Business park (IE) on Nov 6, 2017.
Th The goal of the meeting is to present the results of our research activities to a selected number of enterprises. The meetings comprises some demo sessions and panels to emerge the challenges and needs of enterprises in the topics close to the ones promoted by KEYSTONE.
We have budget to invite 8-10 people from ITC countries and 3-5 people from the other countries who can actively participate in the meeting.
If you have some results of your research which can be interesting for enterprises, you have developed some demo, poster to show to enterprises, you want to promote your results to people from enterprises, please send to an email by Monday 9 October with a short paragraph (only few sentences) describing what would like to show and why you would like to participate.

PROFILES’17: 4th International Workshop on Dataset PROFIling and fEderated Search for Web Data

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4th International Workshop on Dataset PROFIling & fEderated Search for Web Data
Co-located with: The 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2017).
October 22, 2017
The Web of Data, including Linked Data and knowledge graphs, has seen tremendous growth recently. In addition, new forms of structured data have emerged in the form of Web markup, such as, and entity-centric data in the Web tables. Considering these rich, heterogeneous and evolving data sources which cover a wide variety of domains, exploitation of Web Data becomes increasingly important in the context of various applications, including federated search, entity linking, question answering and fact verification. These applications require reliable information on dataset characteristics, including general metadata, quality features, statistical information, dynamics, licensing and provenance. Lack of a thorough understanding of the nature, scope and characteristics of data from particular sources limits their take-up and reuse, such that applications are often limited and focused on well-known reference datasets. The PROFILES workshop series aim at gathering approaches to analyse, describe and discover data sources – including but not limited to SPARQL endpoints – as a facilitator for applications and tasks such as query distribution, semantic search, entity retrieval and recommendation. PROFILES offers a highly interactive forum for researchers and practitioners bringing together experts in the fields of Semantic Web, Linked Data, Semantic Search, Databases, NLP, IR and application domains.

Proceedings of the 1st KEYSTONE Conference

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The proceedings of the first KEYSTONE Conference are available online.
Semantic Keyword-based Search on Structured Data Sources
First COST Action IC1302 International KEYSTONE Conference, IKC 2015, Coimbra, Portugal, September 8-9, 2015. Revised Selected Papers
Editors: Cardoso, J., Guerra, F., Houben, G.-J., Pinto, A.M., Velegrakis, Y. (Eds.)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9398 2015

Albania is part of KEYSTONE

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Albania, and in particular dr. Elton Domnori from Epoka University in Tirana, is now part of KEYSTONE!