Call for the organization of the third KEYSTONE Open Conference in Sept 2017

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The KEYSTONE MC/WG members interested in the organization of the event should send their proposal via email to by Feb 13.
The applications will be evaluated by the KEYSTONE MC in the 6th MC Meeting in Belgrade Serbia on 20 February.
To support the organization of the proposals a spreadsheet is available in google drive

If you would like to participate in the organization, but you don’t want to be the main responsible, you can collaborate with other WG Members. In that case, you should write in the spreadsheet which is your specific availability and you could be asked to enter in one of the proposal coordinated by other KEYSTONE WG members. If you want to candidate your city as the place where to organize the conference, include this in the spreadsheet.

The proposal should include the following details:
1. Organizers / Team
This refers to the General chair, Program chair and the other leading positions.
The organizers have to be at least from 2 different countries among the ones participating in KEYSTONE

2. Conference theme and topics addressed
The Conference theme and topics addressed should be consistent with the main objectives of the general theme “Big data, semantic keyword search in structured data sources”.

3. Structure of the event
The conference should:
a. Couple traditional presentation sessions (to achieve the state of the art and disseminate new techniques) with brainstorming sessions (to promote the discussion, inter/intra domain cross fertilization and enabling new joint research activities among the partners).
b. Promote the participation of industrial partners to provide keynotes about their research needs and possible applicative scenarios.
In this section, the applicants should shortly describe the “structure” of the conference they plan to organize, including the number and features of the presentation sessions, the number and features of the brainstorming sessions, and whether they plan to organize tutorials, keynotes, “competitions”, poster sessions, …

4. Location
The proposers should indicate if they have already contacted a Local Organizer or if they need a support for deciding the location.

5. Timing
The conference will take place in September 2017. The applicants should define the timing of the main steps (issuing the call, deadline for the paper submissions, notification, …)

6. Visibility / Dissemination
The proceedings of the first/second editions have been published by Springer. The organizers should manage the contacts with Springer for the publication of the current ones. The proposers should indicate if they plan to organize special issues in international journals including  the best papers.

7. Early Career Investigators –ECIs-
One of the COST policies is related to Early Career Investigators, who should particularly benefit from a COST Action. Is there any activity addressed for increasing the involvement / participation of ECIs?

8. Gender Balance
One of the COST policies is related to Gender Balance. Is there any activity addressed for increasing Gender Balance? Is the proposal (in terms of organizers) balanced?