Terminology Acquisition and Description Using Lexical Resources and Local Grammars

Authors: Krstev Cvetana, Stanković Ranka, Obradović Ivan, Lazić Biljana
Year: 2015
Venue: Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence, Granada, Spain, 2015
Link: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1495/paper_13.pdf
Product of the Action: No

Acquisition of new terminology from specific domains and its adequate description within terminological dictionaries is a complex task, especially for languages that are morphologically complex such as Serbian. In this paper we present an approach to solving this task semi-automatically on basis of lexical resources and local grammars developed for Serbian. Special attention is given to automatic inflectional class prediction for simple adjectives and nouns and the use of syntactic graphs for extraction of Multi-Word Unit (MWU) candidates for termbases, their lemmatization and assignment of inflectional classes.