Semantic Acquisition Games: Harnessing Manpower for Creating Semantics

Authors: Jakub Simko, Maria Bielikova
Year: 2014
Venue: 1st Edition. Springer Int. Publ. Switzerland. 150 p.
Product of the Action: No

With the ever-lasting need for semantics and metadata to describe the resources (not only) on the Web, the focus is brought to the human-centered approaches to semantics acquisition. Within them, inherent to the crowdsourcing, a specific group of approaches, the semantics acquisition games (SAGs) have emerged in the last decade. The SAGs deserve the researchers’ attention, as they provide cheap means of motivation of human workers to perform semantics acquisition jobs. The goals of our work are oriented towards creation of new SAG-based approaches and contributing with reusable SAG design principles. The book also aims to provide a comprehensive review of the field of semantics acquisition games and their design principles.