Keyword Based Semantic Search for Mobile Data

Authors: Jihoon Ko; Sangjin Shin; Sungkwang Eom; Minjae Song; Jooik Jung; Dong-Hoon Shin; Kyong-Ho Lee; Yongil Jang
Year: 2014
Venue: Mobile Data Management (MDM), 2014 IEEE 15th International Conference on , vol.1, no., pp.245,248, 14-18 July 2014 doi: 10.1109/MDM.2014.36
Product of the Action: No

Most of the mobile platforms provide a keyword-based full text search (FTS) for users to find what they want. However, FTS has difficulties in dealing with the cases where a user cannot remember the exact keywords about target data or the number of search results is too many. To overcome these limitations of FTS, we propose a semantically enhanced method of searching for data on mobile devices along with mobile ontology. Experimental results of the proposed method show that our method provides accurate search results and is suitable for a mobile environment.