Developing Termbases for Expert Terminology under the TBX Standard

Authors: Stanković Ranka, Obradović Ivan, Utvić Miloš
Year: 2014
Venue: Natural Language Processing for Serbian - Resources and Applications, Pavlović-Lažetić Gordana, Krstev Cvetana, Obradović Ivan, Vitas Duško (eds.)
Product of the Action: No

In this paper we outline an approach to application of ontology in knowledge management. The University of Belgrade Faculty of Mining and Geology research team has developed a terminological resource to support knowledge management in mining engineering. Mining engineering, like all other engineering disciplines, needs comprehensive, consistent and standardized definitions of terms for efficient knowledge management and interoperability among various related IT applications. This goal can best be reached by terminological resources in electronic form organized as thesauruses or ontologies. The resource used to illustrate this approach, RudOnto, is a system of ontologies developed for mining engineering and their application in mining equipment and mine safety domains. Key benefits of applying ontologies in knowledge management, aside from securing interoperability, are enhancement of browsing/searching functions, and reuse and structuring capabilities. Through export to several specific formats, RudOnto ontologies offer the possibility of generating stand-alone terminological resources or ontologies in specific sub-fields, such as mining equipment, mine safety and geostatistics.