Deep Learning for Cognitive Computing

Authors: Vagan Terziyan
Year: 2017
Venue: Course at 3rd KEYSTONE Training School: Keyword Search in Big Linked Data, Wien, Austria, 21-25 August, 2017
Product of the Action: Yes

Keystone Members Authors:

The major objective of the course is to study Cognitive Computing: Intelligence-as-a-Service (IBM Watson, Google’s Deep Mind & Microsoft Cognitive Services) and to get overview on: - Why and what is Cognitive Computing; - Why to study; - Cognitive Computing as a context for other technologies (e.g., Semantic and Agent Technologies, IoT, Industry 4.0, etc.); - What is available on the market of “Intelligence-as-a-Service” for users and developers (from IBM Watson, DeepMind / Google, Cognitive Services of Microsoft, etc.); - How all these related to “Deep Learning”.