CRISUNS ontology for theses and dissertations

Authors: Ivanović, L., Dimić-Surla, B., Segedinac, M., & Ivanović, D.
Year: 2012
Venue: ICIST 2012 Conference, Kopaonik, February 29 (pp. 164-169)
Product of the Action: No

A research management system CRIS UNS has been developed for the needs of the University of NoviSad. The digital library of theses and dissertations has been developed as a part of the system CRIS UNS. This paper proposes an ontology for semantic description of metadata about theses and dissertations based on FOAF and DublinCore Terms ontologies. The proposed ontology extends mentioned ontologies with elements which exist in the system CRIS UNS and are not supported by those ontologies. The purpose of this research is the creation of a semantic web service which will make publicly available metadata about theses and dissertations (stored in the CRISUNS database) for other software systems.