Combining user and database perspective for solving keyword queries over relational databases.

Authors: Sonia Bergamaschi, Francesco Guerra, Matteo Interlandi, Raquel Trillo Lado, Yannis Velegrakis
Year: 2016
Venue: Information Systems 55: 1-19
Product of the Action: Yes

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Over the last decade, keyword search over relational data has attracted considerable attention. A possible approach to face this issue is to transform keyword queries into one or more SQL queries to be executed by the relational DBMS. Finding these queries is a challenging task since the information they represent may be modeled across different tables and attributes. This means that it is needed to identify not only the schema elements where the data of interest is stored, but also to find out how these elements are interconnected. All the approaches that have been proposed so far provide a monolithic solution. In this work, we, instead, divide the problem into three steps: the first one, driven by the user׳s point of view, takes into account what the user has in mind when formulating keyword queries, the second one, driven by the database perspective, considers how the data is represented in the database schema. Finally, the third step combines these two processes. We present the theory behind our approach, and its implementation into a system called QUEST (QUEry generator for STructured sources), which has been deeply tested to show the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach. Furthermore, we report on the outcomes of a number of experimental results that we have conducted.