Architecture of standard-based, interoperable and extensible IoT platform

Authors: Slavko, Žitnik; Marko, Janković; Marko, Bajec
Year: 2016
Venue: 24th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), Belgrade, Serbia, November, 22-23, 2016
Product of the Action: No

IoT Platform marketplace is gaining a lot of atten- tion in many areas. The paper presents an interoperable and extensible IoT framework that follows oneM2M standard. The framework is validated by a reference implementation that in- cludes automatic sensor recognition and pairing, NoSQL support, complex event processing and alarming and extensions for IoT devices communication over HTTP, WebSocket, CoAP, MQTT, Z- Wave, ZigBee and Bluetooth. The novelty includes the theoretical and practical solution to the proposed platform. Furthermore, we show the feasibility to build generally useful IoT platforms that are based on standards.