Analytical platform based on Jbowl library providing text-mining services in distributed environment

Authors: Martin Sarnovský, Peter Butka, Peter Bednár, František Babič, Ján Paralič
Year: 2015
Venue: Information and Communication Technology, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 9357, 310-319
Product of the Action: No

The paper presents the Jbowl, Java software library for data and text analysis, and various research activities performed and implemented on top of the library. The paper describes the various analytical services for text and data mining implemented in Jbowl as well as numerous extensions aimed to address the evolving trends in data and text analysis and its usage in various tasks reflecting the areas such as big data analysis, distributed computing and parallelization. We also present the complex analytical platform built on top of the library, integrating the distributed computing analytical methods with the graphical user interface, visualization methods and resource management capabilities.