Yannis Velegrakis

Personal Web Page: http://www.disi.unitn.eu/~velgias
Affiliation: University of Trento
Email: velgias@disi.unitn.eu
Country: Italy

Relevant Publications:

  • S. Bergamaschi, F. Guerra, S. Rota and Y. Velegrakis, "A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Keyword-based Search over Relational Databases", In ER, 2011.
  • S. Bergamaschi, E. Domnori, F. Guerra, R. Trillo Lado and Y. Velegrakis, "Keyword Search over Relational Databases: A Metadata Approach", In SIGMOD, pp. 565-576, 2011.
  • Davide Mottin, M. Lissandrini, Y. Velegrakis and T. Palpanas, "Exemplar Queries: Give me an Example of What You Need", Proceedings of VLDB, 7(5), 2014.

Work Groups (WGs)
WG1 - WG2 – "Keyword Search" - WG3 - WG4

Fields of Expertise:
Business intelligence - Collaborative and social computing systems and tools - Data cleaning - Data exchange - Data management systems - Data structures - Data warehouses - Database administration - Database design and models - Database management system engines - Deduplication - Distributed algorithms - Distributed computing methodologies - Document representation - Entity resolution - Extraction, transformation and loading - Federated databases - Information extraction - Information integration - Information retrieval - Information storage systems - Information systems - Knowledge representation and reasoning - MapReduce algorithms - Mediators and data integration - Middleware for databases - Mobile information processing systems - Personalization - Query languages - Recommender systems - Semantic networks - Social networks - Social recommendation - Web applications - Wrappers (data mining)

Expectations from the action:
Joint Research Activities - Knowledge expansion

Available to host STSMs:

Research initiatives that you want to carry out with people in Keystone:
Large Scale Keyword Search on Structured Data

Papers By: Yannis Velegrakis