Peter Butka

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Affiliation: Technical University of Kosice
Country: Slovakia

Relevant Publications:

  • Butka, P., Pócs, J., Pócsová, J., On equivalence of conceptual scaling and generalized one-sided concept lattices, Information Sciences 259, pp. 57 - 70, 2014.
  • Butka, P., Pócs, J., Generalization of one-sided concept lattices, Computing and Informatics 32 (2), pp. 355 - 370, 2013.
  • Butka, P., Pócs, J., Pócsová, J., Distributed Computation of Generalized One-Sided Concept Lattices on Sparse Data Tables, Computing and Informatics 34 (2), pp. 77-98, 2015.

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My research interests include text/data mining, formal concept analysis, knowledge management, semantic technologies, and information retrieval. In Keystone I am mostly interested in connection of Formal Concept Analysis methods and classical information retrieval approaches, especially for novel methods in query results evaluation and visualization using concept lattices.

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