Óscar Pedreira Fernández

Personal Web Page: http://lbd.udc.es/ShowResearcherInformation.do?lang=es_ES&id=98
Affiliation: University of A Coruña
Email: opedreira@udc.es
Country: Spain

Relevant Publications:

  • Álvarez-García, S.; Baeza-Yates, R.; Brisaboa, N. R.; Larriba-Pey, J.; Pedreira, O.: "Automatic Multi- Partite Graph Generation from Arbitrary Data", en Journal of Systems and Software, 94, Elsevier, Estados Unidos, 2014, pp. 72-86.
  • Places, A. S.; Fariña, A.; Luaces, M. R.; Pedreira, O.; Seco, D.: "A workflow management system to feed digital libraries: proposal and case study", en Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer US, Estados Unidos, 2014, pp. 1-35.
  • Pino, F.J.; Pedreira, O.; García, F.; Luaces, M. R.; Piattini, M.: "Using Scrum to guide the execution of software process improvement in small organizations", en Journal of Systems and Software, 83(10), Elsevier, Amsterdam (Países Baixos), 2010, pp. 1662-1667.

Work Groups (WGs)

Fields of Expertise:
Clustering and classification - Data management systems - Data structures - Database administration - Database design and models - Database management system engines - Digital libraries and archives - Document filtering - Document management and text processing - Document representation - Information extraction - Information systems - Multimedia information systems - Near-duplicate and plagiarism detection - Query log analysis - Recommender systems - Retrieval tasks and goals - Search engine indexing - Search index compression - Security services - Sentiment analysis - Software and its engineering - Software creation and management - Software notations and tools - Software organization and properties - Spatial-temporal systems

Expectations from the action:
Knowledge expansion - Participation in training activities

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