Márius Sajgalik

Personal Web Page: http://www.fiit.stuba.sk/~sajgalik/
Email: marius.sajgalik@stuba.sk

  • M. Šajgalík, M. Barla, and M. Bieliková. “Exploring Multidimensional Continuous Feature Space to Extract Relevant Words”. English. In: Statistical Language and Speech Processing. Ed. by L. Besacier, A.-H. Dediu, and C. Martín-Vide. Vol. 8791. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer International Publishing, 2014, pp. 159–170. isbn: 978-3-319-11396-8.
  • M. Šajgalík, M. Barla, and M. Bieliková. “From Ambiguous Words to Key-Concept Extraction”. In: Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), 2013 24th International Workshop on. 2013, pp. 63–67.

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