Manolis Wallace

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Affiliation: University of the Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Twitter: manoliswallace

Relevant Publications:

  • P. Alexopoulos, M. Wallace, K. Kafentzis, D. Askounis, “IKARUS-Onto: A Methodology to Develop Fuzzy Ontologies from Crisp Ones” , Knowledge and Information Systems, Volume 32, Issue 3, Page 667-695, 2011
  • M. Wallace, “Ontologies and Soft Computing in Flexible Querying”, Control and Cybernetics, Vol 2, 2009
  • Ph. Mylonas, Th. Athanasiadis, M. Wallace, Y. Avrithis and S. Kollias, “Semantic Representation of Multimedia Content - Knowledge Representation and Semantic Indexing”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, Vol. 39, Num. 3, pp. 293-327, 2008

Work Groups (WGs)
WG1 - WG2 – "Keyword Search" - WG3 - WG4

Fields of Expertise:
Document management and text processing - Education - Information retrieval - Information systems - Information systems applications - Knowledge representation and reasoning

Expectations from the action:
Joint Research Activities - Knowledge expansion - Participation / Writing EU projects

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