Mayte Lozano

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Affiliation: Centro Universitario de la Defensa
Country: Spain

Relevant Publications:

  • Experimental study on prototype optimisation algorithms for prototype-based classification in vector spaces. M. Lozano, J.M. Sotoca, J.S. Sánchez, F. Pla, E. Pekalska, R.P.W. Duin Pattern Recognition 01/2006; 39:1827-1838. DOI:10.1016/j.patcog.2006.04.005
  • Using the Geometrical Distribution of Prototypes for Training Set Condensing. M. Lozano, J.S. Sánchez, F. Pla Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence, 10th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, CAEPIA 2003, and 5th Conference on Technology Transfer, TTIA 2003, San Sebastian, Spain, November 12-14, 2003. Revised Selected Papers; 01/2003
  • An adaptive condensing algorithm based on mixtures of Gaussians M. Lozano, J.M. Sotoca, J.S. Sánchez, F. Pla Recent advances in artificial intelligence research and development 113, 225-232

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