Dragan Ivanovic

Personal Web Page: http://www.informatika.ftn.uns.ac.rs/DraganIvanovic
Affiliation: University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Email: chenejac@uns.ac.rs
Country: Serbia

Relevant Publications:

  • Ivanovic, D., Surla, D., & Konjovic, Z. (2011). CERIF compatible data model based on MARC 21 format. The Electronic Library, 29(1), 52-70.
  • Ivanović, D., Surla, D., & Racković, M. (2011). A CERIF data model extension for evaluation and quantitative expression of scientific research results. Scientometrics, 86(1), 155-172.
  • Kovacevic, A., Ivanovic, D., Milosavljevic, B., Konjovic, Z., & Surla, D. (2011). Automatic extraction of metadata from scientific publications for CRIS systems. Program, 45(4), 376-396.

Available to host STSMs:

Research initiatives that you want to carry out with people in Keystone:
My colleagues and I would like to apply results of this action for implementation of keyword based search of digital library of theses of University of Novi Sad (www.cris.uns.ac.rs/searchDissertations.jsf).

Papers By: Dragan Ivanovic