Ciprian-Octavian Truică

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Affiliation: Computer Science and Engineering Department, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University Politehnica of Bucharest
Country: Romania

Relevant Publications:

  • Ciprian-Octavian Truică, Adrien Guille, Michaël Gauthier. CATS: Collection and Analysis of Tweets made Simple. In ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW2016). ISBN 978-1-4503-3950-6 , pp. 41--44, February 2016 (
  • Adrien Guille, Edmundo-Pavel Soriano-Morales, Ciprian-Octavian Truică. Topic modeling and hypergraph mining to analyze the EGC conference history. In Actes de la conférence française sur l'Extraction et la Gestion des Connaissances (EGC2016). pp. 383--394, January 2016
  • Ciprian-Octavian Truică, Julien Velcine, Alexandru Boicea. Automatic Language Identification for Romance Languages using Stop Words and Diacritics. In International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC2015). pp. 243--246, September 2015 (

Work Groups (WGs)
WG1 - WG2 – "Keyword Search" - WG3 - WG4

Fields of Expertise:
Applied computing - Artificial intelligence - Big data - Data management systems - Data mining - Data structures - Database administration - Database design and models - Database management system engines - Distributed computing methodologies - Document management and text processing - Document representation - Evaluation of retrieval results - Human-centered computing - Information integration - Information retrieval - Information retrieval query processing - Information systems - Information systems applications - Knowledge representation and reasoning - Machine learning - Middleware for databases - Natural language processing - Query languages - Retrieval models and ranking - Search engine architectures and scalability - Visualization - Web applications - Web data description languages - Web mining - World Wide Web

Expectations from the action:
Joint Research Activities - Knowledge expansion - Participation / Writing EU projects - Participation in training activities

Available to host STSMs:

Research initiatives that you want to carry out with people in Keystone:
Big Data Text Mining and Analysis, Information Retrieval and Semantic Search.

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