Nieves R. Brisaboa

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Affiliation: University of A Coruña
Country: Spain

Relevant Publications:

  • Brisaboa, N. R.; Cerdeira-Pena, A.; Navarro, G.: "XXS: Efficient XPath Evaluation on Compressed XML Documents", en ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 32(3), New York (Estados Unidos), 2014
  • Álvarez-García, S.; Brisaboa, N. R.; Fernández, J.D.; Martínez Prieto, M.A.; Navarro, G.: "Compressed Vertical Partitioning for Efficient RDF Management", en Knowledge and Information Systems , London (Reino Unido), 2014.
  • Álvarez-García, S.; Brisaboa, N. R.; de Bernardo, Guillermo; Navarro, G.: "Interleaved K2-tree: Indexing and Navigating Ternary Relations", en Proceedings of the 2014 Data Compression Conference (DCC 2014), Snowbird, Utah (Estados Unidos), 2014, pp. 342-351.

Work Groups (WGs)
WG1 - WG2 – "Keyword Search"

Fields of Expertise:
Data structures - Digital libraries and archives - Document representation - Federated databases - Human computer interaction (HCI) - Mobile information processing systems - Search engine indexing - Search index compression - Similarity measures - Spatial-temporal systems - Top-k retrieval in databases

Expectations from the action:
Joint Research Activities - Knowledge expansion - Participation / Writing EU projects

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Nieves R. Brisaboa is the founder and director of the Database Laboratory of the University of A Coruña (, which counts with more than 20 researchers. As director of the laboratory, she was the main researcher of more than 30 national and international projects. She also supervised ten PhD theses. Currently, she is a full professor within the Computer Science Department of the University of A Coruña. Her research interests include: data structures, compact representations of graphs (RDF, temporal graphs), [compressed] text retrieval, digital libraries, metric space indexing, deductive databases, and spatial databases.

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