Antonio Fariña Martínez

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Affiliation: University of A Coruña
Country: Spain

Relevant Publications:

  • Cerdeira-Pena, A.; Fariña, A.; Fernández, J.D.; Martínez Prieto, M.A.: "Self-Indexing RDF Archives", en Proceedings of the 2016 Data Compression Conference (DCC 2016), IEEE Computer Society, Snowbird, UT (Estados Unidos), 2016, pp. 526-535.
  • Brisaboa, N. R.; Cerdeira-Pena, A.; Fariña, A.; Navarro, G.: "A Compact RDF Store using Suffix Arrays", en Proc. of the 22th Int. Symp. on String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE 2015) - LNCS 9309, Springer, London (Reino Unido), 2015, pp. 103-115.
  • Fariña, A.; Brisaboa, N. R.; Navarro, G.; Claude, F.; Places, A. S.; R. López, Eduardo: "Word-based Self-Indexes for Natural Language Text", en ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 30(1), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), New York (United States), 2012, pp. 1-34.

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Fields of Expertise:
Data structures - Digital libraries and archives - Document representation - Search index compression - Top-k retrieval in databases

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Joint Research Activities - Knowledge expansion - Participation / Writing EU projects - Participation in training activities

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Antonio Fariña received his PhD in Computer Science in 2005 from the University of A Coruña. Today he is an associate professor from the Computer Science Department, also he is a member of Databases Laboratory where he has been involved in different research and development projects. His research is mainly focused in Text Retrieval on natural language text collections. Actually, his main contributions to this field are related to text compression, as well as to compressed indexing structures. Nowadays he is involved in providing self-indexing structures to represent RDF. Other areas of interest are: Algorithms, Searches in Metric Spaces, and Geographic Information Systems. He has been member of the Program Comitte of several Conferences (MDMM, ICEIS, JIDEE). He has also been external reviewer of several international Journals (Computer Journal, JRPIT, Kibernetica, JCSS, EJC, IJCSSE,...) and conferences (ESA, DCC, ACM-SIGIR, CIKM, ISAAC,...)

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