3rd KEYSTONE School: Call for Speakers and Organizers

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The main theme for the 3rd KEYSTONE Summer School will revolve around the topics of Keyword Search and Big, Linked Data.

Big Data and Linked Data are becoming an important and integral part of the web infrastructure, where massive amounts of data are available, connected and identifiable via Uniform Resource Identifiers. The use of Big, Linked Data for organisational and enterprise purposes is considered to be one of the next big challenges in the evolution of the Web. Big Data takes account of the fact that new techniques and technologies are needed for the sustainable and socially balanced exploitation of huge data pools. The Linked Data paradigm is one approach to cope with Big Data, as it advances the hypertext principle from a web of documents to a web of rich data. Both branches are being described as crucial driving forces in the next generation economies.

There are numerous topics of interest that can be considered for the 2nd KEYSTONE summer school. The list can include (and is however not limited to) :

  • keyword-based navigation and search over Big,Linked data
  • quality of Big, Linked Data
  • semantic annotation and expansion for keyword queries
  • keyword query interpretation and disambiguation for Linked Data
  • fusing, cleaning, ranking and refining search results
  • scalability and performance of distributed queries
  • federated search over Big, Linked Data
  • clustering in support of keyword search over Linked Data
  • technologies for Big, Linked Data

The level of the lectures can be of an introductory, intermediate or advanced nature. Apart from lectures and hands-on sessions the event should also include a hackathon.

Expressions of interest to organise this event are now open. Interested parties should send an email to charlie.abela@um.edu.mt  and cc francesco.guerra@unimore.it by Feb 18, 2017.