3rd International KEYSTONE Conference

IKC 2017

Gdańsk Poland, 11-12 September 2017


Time Sept 11
14.00-15.00 MC MEETING
15:00-15.20 Coffee Break
15.20-17.00 Session I
17:00-17.15 Coffee Break
17.15-18.05 Session II
Time Sept 12
8.45-10.30 Session III
10.30-10:50 Coffee Break
10.50-12.30 Session IV
- Lunch
13.45-15.20 Session V
15:30-16.15 Final Panel & Coffee Break

Session I

15.20 - 17:00

Chair: Yannis Velegrakis
15.20 - 16.20 Invited Talk:
Data Cleaning in the Big Data era
Paolo Papotti (Assistant professor at Eurecom - Data Science, France)
Abstract: In the "big data" era, data is often dirty in nature because of several reasons, such as typos, missing values, and duplicates. The intrinsic problem with dirty data is that it can lead to poor results in analytic tasks. Therefore, data cleaning is an unavoidable task in data preparation to have reliable data for final applications, such as querying and mining. Unfortunately, data cleaning is hard in practice and it requires a great amount of manual work. Several systems have been proposed to increase automation and scalability in the process. They rely on a formal, declarative approach based on first order logic: users provide high-level specifications of their tasks, and the systems compute optimal solutions without human intervention on the generated code. However, traditional 'top-down' cleaning approaches quickly become unpractical when dealing with the complexity and variety found in big data.
In this talk, we first describe recent results in tackling data cleaning with a declarative approach. We then discuss how this experience has pushed several groups to propose new systems that recognize the central role of the users in cleaning big data.

Nicholas Mamo and Joel Azzopardi. FIRE: Finding Important News REports.
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Fatma Slaimi, Sana Sellami and Omar Boucelma. From a Web Services Catalog to a Linked Ecosystem of Services.
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Session II

17.15 - 18.00
Chair: Elena Demidova

Charlie Abela and Joel Azzopardi. Analysing and Visualising Parliamentary Questions: a Linked Data approach.
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Claudia Ifrim, Iulian Iuga, Florin Pop, Manolis Wallace and Vassilis Poulopoulos. Data Reduction Techniques applied on Automatic Identification System Data.
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Paolo Nesi, Laura Po, José R. Rios Viqueira and Raquel Trillo Lado. An Integrated Smart City Platform.
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Session III

9.00 - 10.30
Chair: Julian Szymanski
9.00 - 9.45 Invited Talk:

Adventures of a Data Entrepreneur - The challenges in commercial machine learning projects
Jacek Kawalec (Voicelab, PL)

Jakub Jagoda and Tomasz Boinski. Assessing Word Difficulty for Quiz-like Game.
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Joel Azzopardi. Item-based vs User-based Collaborative Recommendation Predictions.
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Mariia Golovianko, Svitlana Gryshko and Vagan Terziyan. From Deep Learning to Deep University: Cognitive Development of Intelligent Systems.
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Session IV

10.50 - 12.30
Chair: Tomasz Boinski
David Abián, Francesco Guerra, Jorge Martínez-Romanos and Raquel Trillo-Lado. Wikidata and DBpedia: A Comparative Study.
Ana Mestrovic. Collaboration Networks Analysis: Combining Structural and Keyword-based Approaches.
Slobodan Beliga, Olivera Kitanovic, Ranka Stankovic and Sanda Martincic-Ipsic. Keyword Extraction from Parallel Abstracts of Scientific Publications.
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David Alvarez, José R.R. Viqueira and Alberto Bugarín. Towards Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Data Sources.
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Colin Layfield and Dragan Ivanovic. Multi-Lingual LSA with Serbian and Croatian: An Investigative Case Study.
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Session V

13.45 - 15.30
Chair: José R.R. Viqueira

Peter Butka, Thomas Low, Michael Kotzyba, Stefan Haun and Andreas Nuernberger. Exploration of Web Search Results based on the Formal Concept Analysis.
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Andrzej Sobecki and Marcin Kepa. Methodology of selecting the Hadoop ecosystem conguration in order to improve the performance of a plagiarism detection system.
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Andrea Calì and Martín Ugarte. Foundations of Accessing the Deep Web with keywords.
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Ioannis Bourlakos, Manolis Wallace, Angeliki Antoniou, Costas Vassilakis, George Lepouras and Anna Vassiliki Karapanagiotou. Formalization and visualization of the narrative.
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Chaya Liebeskind and Karine Nahon. Challenges in Applying Machine Learning Methods: Studying Political Interactions on Social Networks.
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Final Panel

15.30 - 16.15
Panel: The KEYSTONE COST Action
Moderator: Francesco Guerra (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

All the attendants!