2nd International KEYSTONE Conference

IKC 2016

Cluj-Napoca Romania, 8-9 September 2016

Welcome at the Second International KEYSTONE Conference (IKC2016)!

"KEYSTONE - semantic keyword-based search on structured data sources" is a COST Action aiming to make it straightforward to search through structured data sources like databases using the keyword-based search familiar to many internet users. The scientific objective of KEYSTONE is to analyse, design, develop and evaluate techniques to enable keyword-based search over large amounts of structured data.

The Second International KEYSTONE Conference is an important place where academic and industrial researchers can meet, disseminate scientific results, share new research issues, start joint research activities. The goals of IKC 2016 are larger than those of traditional academic conferences. For this reason we will combine the usual presentation sessions (to achieve the state of the art and disseminate new outcomes) with brainstorming sessionsb (promoting the discussion, inter/intra domain cross fertilization and enabling new joint research activities among the partners).

The Second KEYSTONE Conference proposes 3 tracks:
  • Research Track
  • DemoTrack
  • Challenge Track
The proceeding will be published in a formal publication edited by (to be defined).

As an event organized by a COST Action, the participation in conference does not require any registration fees.

The participation is open to all interested people. KEYSTONE WG Members can be eligible of reimbursement (around 40 people including MC Members).

The IKC2016 Organizers

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