1st International KEYSTONE Conference

IKC 2015

Coimbra Portugal, 8-9 September 2015

Research track

Challenge Track

  • José R.R. Viqueira, Alberto Bugarín, Joaquín Trinanes and Jaime Martínez-Urtaza. Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Datasets
  • Gjorgji Madjarov and Sanda Sanda Martincic-Ipsic. Extracting keywords from images: bag-of-visual- words enriched with graph techniques
  • Dragan Ivanovic and Marjan Čeh. Automatic Georeferencing and Search on Structured Georeferenced Bibliographic Data
  • Elena Demidova, Sergej Zerr, Julian Szymanski and Karol Draszawka. Efficient Entity Annotation for Lage Scale Web Archives
  • Georgia Kapitsaki and John Breslin. Searching over mobile user activity data
  • Dragan Ivanovic and Georgia Kapitsaki. Personalization of Keyword-based Search on Structured Data Sources
  • Márius Šajgalík, Michal Barla, Maria Bielikova and Julian Szymański. Connecting Words and Linked Data Concepts by Latent Features

In-use Track

  • Manolis Wallace and Thanos Triantos. Visualization of Uncertain Information in Tag Clouds
  • Andrea Calì, Leonardo Coaccioli, Mirko Michele Dimartino, Riccardo Frosini and Federico Pastori. Semantic Keyword Search in Linked Data


(Inspired by Webdb 2015)

Submissions were single-blind, i.e., reviewers can see the authors' names, but authors cannot see the reviewers' names.
Chairs were allowed to co-author papers. We managed the reviews so that they cannot see the names of the reviewers for their papers.

We have received 30 submissions: 21 to the Research Track, 7 to the Challenge Track and 2 to the In-use Track.

Each paper has been evaluated by 3 PC Members. Reviewers could give the following scores:
  • strong accept 3
  • accept 2
  • weak accept 1
  • borderline 0
  • weak reject -1
  • reject -2
  • strong reject -3

The PC decided to accepted
  • All papers sent to the Challenge Track since the average score of all of them was greater than 0 (borderline)
  • All papers sent to the In-use Track since the average score for all of them was greater than -0.33
  • 13 papers with average score greater than 0 (borderline) as FULL papers in the Research Track (acceptance rate 62%)
  • 2 papers with average score equal to 0 (borderline) as SHORT papers in the Research Track
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